Meeting with
Mariane Zahar

Mariane ZaharLike many people, I was 20 years old when I discovered this extraordinary woman whose adventures nourish all the audacity of women. Among Westerners 5 senses are recognized, among Buddhists 6. This sixth sense is often attributed to women whose intuition is legendary, is this the sixth that brings us so close to Alexandra's quest for spirituality? Still, I recognize myself without a doubt and the journey of helping me is back again, dear Alexandra. With my modest baggage accumulated over the years, I've come a long way with you. We will unite our teachings, our knowledge and if you want I will borrow some adventures and try to take on your personality. You won't blame me, I know that, especially since I'm not giving you a gift, it's a good war, isn't it, since you weren't either? And I know you'll like it if this portrait is uncompromising and uncompromising. On the other hand, I took a freedom, the freedom that you did not allow yourself, perhaps by refusing to lend the flank to the detractors. Times haven't changed we still have the same cynical minds to fight and in my own way I'm going to feed myself, but with serious allies Max Planck and Albert Einstein, their discoveries are very useful to me. Then we will see if a century later, your combined efforts with mine will finally bear fruit! For I, like you and many others, in going out to conquer ourselves, believe that we are taking action to create a better world, and we express it in our own way.

Me, it's by doing what I think I know how to do: show business.

This creation responded to a need, an obvious necessity for me, first of all, a woman of the 21st century, Western, bathed in a civilization that sees its limits, colliding with the artificiality of each thing and discovering that even humanity is only a concept. And what is felt so strongly is often shared by the greatest number of people, this affirmation is not a concept but a reality. This is probably why this creation, which was presented for the first time in July 2014 at the "Le moulin à paroles" festival in Orléans, followed by a summer tour of the Hautes-Alpes and Alpes de Hautes Provence, aroused so many emotions. Against all odds, this show was instantaneously a necessity for the audience who, from representation to representation, was passing the word to attend. A dice? A knock? Well, maybe. From my point of view, I just felt as if I had listened to the deepest part of myself and looked for an answer, or at least an opening. I am not Buddhist, I am nothing at all, but like many of us, I feel that this hyper-rationalism and cynicism, so typical of the West, reduces my heart and is worth nothing to me! So I dared because I have nothing to lose but everything to gain!