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Spectacle joué en Anglais les 3/11 et 1/12 - Show performed in English on - November 3rd - and - December 1st - 2018

The Show

DNA - Alexandra David Neel
The Show

“If thought creates our reality,
then let's educate our thought”

This show, called DNA, represents the essence of Alexandra David Néel, an illustrious explorer who was the first woman to enter into a Tibet forbidden to foreigners around the nineteen twenties.
The story unfolds, during her retreat in a cave of the Himalayas. Alone on stage, Mariane Zahar, author and performer, relates the questioning, the quest for spirituality of the heroine.
She succeeds in capturing our full attention for 1 hour and 20 minutes with a monologue written on the basis of letters and stories by Alexandra David Néel.
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DNA - Alexandra David Neel
"The Show"

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Spectacle joué en Anglais les 3/11 et 1/12 - Show performed in English on -November 3rd - and - December 1st - 2018

At the Théâtre du Gymnase
every Saturday at 4 pm
until 24 February 2019.
Show played in English
3/11 and 1/12

PUBLIC : more than 13 years for a good understanding.
Théâtre du Gymnase Marie Bell
38 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, 75010 Paris
Réservation : 01 42 46 79 79


Fringe Festival Edinburgh 2018
The Space - Surgeons' Hall
VENUE - 53
Nicolson Street. EH8 9DW
Box Office : 0131 510 2384

DNA Workshop

Workshops are for the moment only organized in the French language.
If you are interested then please go to our French website, for details Goto adn-alexandra-david-neel.com.

Workshops in the English language will be organized as of February 2019.

By invitation only.
If you are interested then please inscribe yourself to our Newsletter (on the bottom of this page) to be informed about the dates and places.

August 1916, Alexandra David-Néel is in her hermitage cavern in the Himalayas for Two and a half years, following the teachings of her guru, Lama Gonchen from Lachen. She comes to us to make an incredible revelation and to take us to the heart of her initiatory journey.
So in a crazy race where she subtly, knitted, particle sciences, personal experiences and the secret doctrine of Tibetan Buddhism, the spectator is invited to become an accomplice of a formidable and troubling questioning. It may seem strange and even incongruous to mix a great explorer in search of spirituality with the world's most famous scholars? And yet! What a discovery to find out that the great strides of one... through the Tibetan and Indian wilderness are brought to cross... and then to walk along with those of the others, in the prodigious labyrinths of theoretical physics. Alexandra David Néel met Albert Einstein who called her "Madame know it all". The current has not passed and that is very unfortunate. Indeed, one on the secret doctrine of Buddhism, the other on quantum physics, would have had so much to say and exchange to finally realize that they had discovered the same secret by taking apparently opposite paths.

"... What a wonderful show! That evening, a creation by its author and performer was scheduled: Mariane Zahar,"DNA Alexandra David-Néel".
Madame Néel was our neighbour for the last part of her life, since she died in Dignes at the age of 101.
Curious to see how this immense explorer was going to be presented, what an overwhelming surprise was awaiting us!
We would never have imagined being swept into such extreme universes and finally immersed so close to ourselves. While we thought we were attending a traditional show about the life of this great character, the actress by her play, on a text skillfully built, let us outside this illusory world in which we believe we live, to reveal that the only reality is love. Just like us, the spectators were moved and different..."

Le Dauphiné - 29/07/2014






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Alexandra David Néel

It is cold and sad when people are asked to support you, to warm you up, to lighten the burden of misery inherent in all existence.
No one of them really cares about doing it, no one of them really can.
It is in itself that one must cultivate the flame that warms, it is on oneself that one must lean.
"At the origin of all knowledge, we meet curiosity! It is an essential condition for progress."
The East - especially in Tibet - is the land of mystery and strange events.
For as long as we know how to look at, listen to, carefully and for a long time observe, we discover a world beyond the one we are used to consider as the only real one, perhaps because we do not analyse the phenomena from which it originates sufficiently closely enough and do not go back far enough up the chain of causes that determine them.

Alexandra David Néel

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