DNA - Alexandra David Neel
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A Rare Moment

Mariane Zahar offers us a rare moment. Her incarnation of Alexandra David-Neel shows us the "luminous" face of this remarkable, surprising woman. Alone on stage, she takes us to the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas, leads us to the gates of our deep self, speaks of quantum physics and draws a parallel between Buddhist philosophy, its teachings and physical demonstration... particles and molecules, perpetual movements, energy vibrations..... all this without ever imposing anything on us simply to make us realize that we can rethink the world differently and apprehend realities not as one and indivisible but as a multitude of possibilities generated by the creative force of our imagination... openness, liberation and not reduction. To be detached from one's own detachment! To meditate. It is a long and demanding journey into the interior of oneself that DNA intended for and that the magnificent, magnetic actress Mariane Zahar simply allows us to contemplate in all serenity, without any proselytism. The nobility of the soul is not reduced to the simple particle... elemental my dear Max PLANCK... I thought for a moment about the "timeless" breaches that Einstein himself and many other scientists have tried to explain and understand. This piece gives food for thought and I left the room with a strange sensation that I couldn't define here because of lack of Time...
# wrote May 10 - 2015 at 9:00pm, saw this event with BilletReduc.com

By hermione92
A Beautiful Inner Journey

Avery beautiful interpretation of the author and actress who leads us to a very interesting reflection on oneself and the universe, a strong spiritual approach to nourish her personal research. I wish you a pleasant discovery.

By Nini
Very powerful show

Without going into the equations of quantum mechanics or Albert Einstein's relativity, but by practising an excellent popularization of these physical sciences, the actress shows us that Buddhist concepts were a few centuries ahead of the results of western physics. I do not reveal to you the conclusion and the secret of Alexandra David Néel and I highly recommend this show.

By Michael
Very beautiful theatre play

At a time when we are looking for "meaning", this play played with finesse by the actress on the life of an extraordinary woman (Alexandra David Néel, explorer of the soul) at the beginning of the 20th century, is a breath of fresh air. How can Buddhist thoughts and quantum physics be so gracefully brought together? a prowess of writing a play, in a simple setting to better listen, absorb all these particles of intelligence. Congratulations!!!

By Pat Pat
Interesting And Generous

We found the subject of this play and its author/actress very interesting. A generous interior journey. The parallel between Buddhism and quantum physics is striking. It's very accessible even if you don't know anything about the life of Alexandra David-Néel.

By bobetsof
Super Show !!!

Very good show, a very fair and sincere actor's play by the actress, of what to feel sincerely challenged by the subject. A beautiful tribute to the life and work of Alexandra David Néel. thank you for this creation and for the very accurate interpretation. !

By elseelse

Thank you to this excellent actress for her masterful interpretation of this beautiful text which touches us in the depths of our humanity, thank you for this magnificent moment savoured last Sunday.

By 37HEL
An extraordinary show

We knew Alexandra David Neel through her book "Journey of a Parisian woman to Lhasa ". But hearing and seeing her live in front of our eyes through Mariane Zahar's play and voice is a wonderful experience. This show is exceptional.

By Jacq91
Thank You For This Great Performance!

The play, DNA, is a concentration of reflection on what we are in relation to the universe. Mariane Zahar was able to transport me through Alexandra David Néel in a world of exploration and expansion. I highly recommend this show to all those who are curious about Life.

By tinia

Avery beautiful spectacle for anyone who is interested in the meaning of life, in the place of the women of the 20th and 21st century in the world, in the relationship between the Orient and the West. Played with talent, accuracy and interiority, bravo!

By béaba