DNA - Alexandra David Neel
The Book

The printed reflections which follow are synthetical and each one cries out to be developped into an entire book.
There was no plan originally to publish the text of the play so this was done at the last minute in order to provide it to the spectators.
Who can say whether the play's development will lead to greater clarity and light in the future?

DNA - Alexandra David-Néel
The Book

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Some extracts

« Nevertheless, as a citizen in love with freedom and my country, I have suffocated in it far too long without reacting. And, considering the past attempts at bringing about positive change, including the different revolutions, along with the fact that regardless of what idea or ideology may be put forth, they always clash with the perverted nature of human beings and their over-ego manifested need for power, competition, contempt, intolerance, and the like. Considering also that lasting change can never be brought about by political force and that all methods have been tried without success, and, that we have reached the supreme point of absurdity in the functioning of our civilization, I definitely see no other solution than to radically change our approaches. .

Change will not be made from the outside, but only from the inside. That is my firm conviction and it joins that of a whole movement on the march. Above all, it joins the one offered desperately by all the oldest wisdom teachings for as long as transmission has existed. The solution lies in the heart of each one of us. Educating each being to ignite his own knowledge will allow him to escape from his oversized ego which, because he has been drawing for so long from Pandora's box, leads him into darkness. »

Love is above all not the illusion of love generated by our ego, it is not constituted by contentment or pride in having acted well, done well or thought well. It is a love far removed from these ordinary considerations. The love we are talking about is at a completely different level, it is unconditional and absolute, it is about loving ourselves because everything in us is creation, love and beauty, even what seems ugly to us! The concept of ugliness is only a judgment created by mankind, not by the universe and the breath of life. A completely different vision of ourselves out of time and restrictions invites itself and an immense inner freedom offers itself to the field of all possibilities. We then know that we must and that we can unlearn everything to be reborn and receive the true love that awaits us only. Reconsidering everything and even oneself as an illusion or a projection of reality, seriously relegates the whole concept of super ego in the accessories drawer, so suddenly creates lightness, voluptuousness. Isn't that the only delight of being? Understanding also that suffering is also only an illusion and a conditioning allows us to admit that it can be replaced by joy. For we are made for happiness, it is within us, but the holograms of conditioning have made it inaccessible, utopian. But what if what we call reality only a decoy, a prison whose bars we do not see?