The Workshop we offer directly relates to the show,
DNA, Alexandra David Néel

Workshop sessions are directed by Mariane ZAHAR (professional actress, theater director and trainer...)

I have been an actress, director and trainer for many years now.
To this can be added all my personal research for even older spiritual and human evolution.
All these areas that I have explored and deepened complement each other so wonderfully that I could not resist the temptation to develop a method to benefit you.
This method is finally the one that coiled up in me naturally as an invitation to adventure of which I am only the receptacle.
So in order to express my gratitude for this gift, it became obvious to me to become its transmitter.
Otherwise all this would lack meaning.
I would add: "We teach what is needed the most essential to learn, and we call these workshops, "laboratory sessions" as we are going to learn about, dissect and experiment with ourselves while having fun together."
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Lorry les Metz (57)

Les 26 et 27 Avril 2018 - Stage niveau 2.
Les 28 et 29 Avril 2018 - Stage niveau 1.
Reservation : 06 64 88 11 24

En région Parisienne

Les 12 et 13 Mai 2018 - Stage niveau 1.
À Yerres (91)
Ecole Victor Hugo
rue Jean Bouin,
Yerres, 91330
Reservation : 06 64 88 11 24

DNA courses

To be organised on request
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Decreasing rate

Depending on the number of participants:
between 4 and 10 participants
de 200€ à 140€

*These Workshops can be financed by your employer as part of your "continuing education..."

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Examples of exercises used to achieve our goals:
  • Work on the body, sound, breathing, energy, listening, memorizing, concentration, imagination and responsiveness will be an integral part of our chosen approach.
    As we each participate in a unique human state, every effort must be made to identify and work with each one.
  • An experimentation of our modified perceptions for all of our senses will be instrumental in helping to refocus and foster our "verticality".
  • Work on words: according to the Workshop it is possible that each participant will learn a phrase or explore another medium of your choice, so we will discover the power that words exert on us.
  • Practice meditation through self-love and deprogramming.
  • Improvisation work through revealing situations.
  • The game, a vector that relaxes and allows us to find our spontaneity and our child's soul.
  • Humor always and at all levels, is essential not to take oneself too seriously, especially in a high pressure job.

What is a LIBERATORY Workshop?

The workshop involves using acting techniques to explore one's own personality and to become aware of our personal blockages, as well as the diversity and magnitude of our abilities, while also developing our intuition and an openness to ourselves, and to others.
During the workshop, there will be a deep refocusing on one's different fields of consciousness and an opening into another way of seeing oneself.


  • Learn to (re) connect with oneself through different individualized techniques.
  • Initiation to meditation: Awakening to different fields of consciousness and wonder.
  • Become aware of the vibrations that emanate from oneself while learning to modify them.
  • Take the time to deepen an actor's training exercises; go beyond development of the skills needed to interpret a role.
    The playful nature of these exercises puts one on the path to "letting go".
  • What is "letting go"? For the actor, this is what is necessary to accept his inspiration and unleash his creativity by getting rid of the judgment of oneself and others and by accepting oneself sincerely for fulfillness and freedom.
  • How? By becoming aware of our beliefs, then neutralizing the part of the mind that takes up all the space in our lives, so a space can be opened that will accommodate our perceptions, our abilities, our often muffled differences and our authentic "self".
  • Once this space has been created, it is simply a matter of trusting oneself...
    And it is necessary to accompany this one-on-one letting go with any feeling of guilt and the constant judgment of ourselves we carry within.
  • Interpreting a character in a story means lending our body to the character for a while, which includes our experience, our emotions, our sensitivity and our differences, using what we are. This is an exciting, effective and fun way to discover ourselves in another way, through another story. It is within us but out of our whole-self context and also out of our personal zone of comfort that the unknown self expresses itself. Do not worry, you will not be asked to be an actor, just to become aware of the tools you have and use them to learn to create your own reality in consciousness.


A minimum of 4 participants is required to validate the Workshop in the Ile de France area and 6 participants in the Province.
A maximum of 10 participants will be accepted for each Workshop.
The course will take place on a Saturday and Sunday in the Ile de France on Saturday from 14h to 21h and Sunday from 10h to 19h.
and can be "custom designed" in Province,
on Saturdays and Sundays from 10h to 19h.
Prices. 200€ - decreasing according to the number of participants (maximum 10)


« This training course was for me an extremely rich experience, because through the exercises intelligently chosen and proposed in an evolutionary order skillfully dosed by Mariane, a multitude of things moved inside me in very little time. I went from discovery to discovery of myself, wonderfully guided by Mariane and warmly surrounded by the other participants in the session. While playing, doing "theatre" and exchanging with others, I learned and dared a lot.... These hours spent together were for me a lesson of life, of sharing, of friendship of great intensity, whose resonance still accompanies me today. I have only one wish: to have the possibility of being able to participate in another session of this training course with Mariane, whom I thank wholeheartedly! »

« This is an extraordinary workshop. There was as much space for play and discovery of the theatre as there was time of self-discovery. Mariane is an exceptional woman because of her experience and personality. Her vitality and wisdom are contagious. Everything she has proposed and said still resonates as many lessons of life. I came out of there grown up, strengthened and full of certainties. Including the one to follow up on it! »

« For me, who have never done theatre and am rather reserved, the internship required a little courage, but I managed to overcome my fears thanks to the warm and benevolent framework set up by Mariane. I enjoyed myself a lot with the exercises proposed, the fact that I was in a small group also helped me. In the end I left tired but relaxed, more confident in my abilities, and nourished in terms of intellectual and friendly sharing. »

« Unusual physical positioning that sheds light on what is usually imposed as an unnecessary and reducing limit. (cf Feldenkrais) Approach and discover others through the feeling and perception of energy without judgment (cf Qi gong) Fun and imagination with all sails on ("surprise yourself, life is a butterfly hunt" Hermes) Work on the awareness of space and the body positioning of each person. I end with a quote from Claude Tchamichian, a bass player: "I think more than ever, that our time needs people who affirm their willingness to work on the imagination and try to curb this growing entertainment dictatorship »